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Passionate About Our Land, Olives and Oils

We Are Olive Growers

Our passion for extra virgin olive oil starts in the olive groves. We make premium olive oil using regenerative and organic farming on our estate in the Costa Brava.

On our estate, century-old trees grow alongside younger trees in an environment with two beneficial influences: cooler temperatures from the Pyrenees meet the soft sea breeze of the Mediterranean. 

Perfectly adapted to this region, Arbequina and Argudell provide distinct and unique flavors to our oils. 

Organic Regenerative Farming

Our strong commitment to regenerative organic farming means we do not use genetically modified seeds, or chemical or synthetic pesticides. We also practice a holistic approach to land management, rebuilding soil ecosystems which, when healthy, absorb carbon from our atmosphere. This allows the soil to retain more water and helps cool our planet. 

As farmers, our approach is to revitalize the soil with specific plant covers, thus increasing organic matter and capturing higher amounts of carbon which currently pollutes the atmosphere and warms our planet. Sequestering carbon in the soil is one of the solutions to climate change. 

Organic and Regenerative, to take our farming techniques a step further and contribute to our health and the health of our planet.

Partners of the Molí de Mas Auró, one of the most modern, award-winning and well-kept mills in Spain, where we produce our oil.

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