Coupage Arbequina & Argudell • AOVE Ecológico OLIRIUM

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Arbequina & Argudell Coupage

Balance. A fruity oil, slightly bitter and with a medium spicy touch.

Case of 2 × 0.5L bottles

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Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil
Cold pressed
Arbequina & Argudell Coupage

Balanced flavours

Our Coupage blending Arbequina & Argudell olives.

Clean, dense and bright, and with a colour that encompasses all the shades of yellow. Its main characteristic is its softness and balance between the two varieties.

It is very pleasing on the palate, with a medium fruity taste and a balance of spicy, bitter and sweet flavours.

We sought a full balance of flavours.

Arbequina & Argudell Coupage está disponible en:

  • Two 0,5 L bottles case
  • Caja de 6 botellas de 0,5 L. – €130,90

Envío incluido a partir de €100 en España y €200 en el resto de Europa.

Delivery within 72hrs in Spain and 7 working days in Europe.

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2 botellas de 0,5L – €43,90, 6 botellas de 05,L – €130,90



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