Oli del Raig • Aceite de Oliva Virgen Ecológico OLIRIUM

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Oli del Raig

Pre-order of Oli del Raig 2021 available!

Pre-order your Oli del Raig and receive it mid november 2021. 

We produce limited quantities and with our pre-order system we can guarantee that our customers can receive Oli del Raig fresh from the mill.

Oli del Raig is the first unfiltered olive oil from the first harvest of olives, a unique sensory pleasure.

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Early Harvest olive oil.
Unfiltered Olive oil.
Limited edition organic olive oil - 2.950 bottles.
100% Arbequina.

Only available for pre-order until we finish stocks. 

Oli del Raig is the natural juice of olives naturally decanted for a week. The result is an olive oil of superior character, noted for its intense fruity flavor and light pulp content.

To achieve the highest quality, olives are harvested in the morning and the olive oil is extracted in the cold of the night.

Oli del Raig is available in 0,5 L bottles and 1,5 L. Magnum bottles.

  • Two 0,5 L bottles case
  • Box of 6 0,5 L bottles - 129,90€
  • Case of 1 Magnum 1,5L bottle - 63,90 €
  • Box of 4 1,5 L Magnum bottles - 249,90 €

Shipping included with purchases from €70 in Spain and €200 in the rest of Europe.
Delivered mid november 2021.

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Estuche 2 botellas 0,5L – €43,90, Caja 6 botellas 0,5L – €129,90, Estuche de 1 botella Magnum de 1,5L – €63,90, Caja de 4 botellas Magnums de 1,5 L – €249,90

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